Mike George

Perhaps one of the most eclective men in boxing, a renassaince person, a lover of the sport and of its people... our own Mike George, steps into the Ring. Who hasn't  been embroiled in a conversation with the unique Mr. George, never knowing where it would end up; like a spring board into phoilosophy, tao and down and dirty .. "no, he should've taken a point." To know him is to admire his, quite, steady manner. He brings so much to the sport, to the table and to the NABF.

Jill: How did you become involved in Boxing?

This month we’re going to shine the light on John McKaie. Judge, one time Boxer, father, self professed bureaucrat, runner… and a total romantic. Read on….

john mckaie


Jill: How did your involvement in boxing come about?

John: In July of 1966 the replay of the first Emile Griffith vs. Joey Archer bout was being aired on TV from the night before.  I was 12 years old with nothing to do and my brother, 19 at the time, was watching the bout.  I was intrigued and became immersed in the event and all of the drama involved.  After my brother told me about the Paret tragedy and how Emile was affected by it, Griffith became my favorite boxer.  I bought my first boxing magazine the next day. 



MaxD4-500x334Max De Luca wins prestigious award in Cancún

“And the NEW 2010 WBC Judge of the Year…MAX DE LUCA, hailing from Southern California!”

Upon his recent return from the World Boxing Council’s (WBC) 48th World Convention in Cancún, the professional boxing official had some exciting news to share with his family, friends and colleagues. During a special ceremony, WBC President Don Jose Sulaimán made a heartfelt presentation to De Luca and his fellow official Vic Drakulich, who was awarded the WBC Referee of the Year.